Benefits of Trees

1. Trees reduce storm water runoff, which reduces flooding, saves city storm water management costs, decreases the flow of polluted water into our water sources.

2. Trees produce oxygen, reduce airborne particles, and reduce smog, enhancing the respiratory health of the community citizens.

3. Mature trees help prevent climate change by pulling carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon, and releasing oxygen.

4. Trees increase property values when mature trees and maintained landscaping are present.

5. Trees can help reduce stress, improve productivity and vitality of citizens.

6. Trees reduce air pollution. Planting urban forests can help reduce pollutants from cities, which leads to better air quality and healthier citizens. Roadside trees can help prevent indoor air pollution from nearby buildings and neighborhoods.

7. Trees planted around homes and along busy roadways can reduce noise pollution.

8. Planting trees properly around your home and in your communities for shade and windbreaks can help conserve energy.

9. Trees are an important part of the biodiversity of an ecosystem and attract wildlife. Maintaining healthy trees can attract more birds and wildlife to your yard. Be a part of restoring threatened environments by planting native trees.

10. Trees can help prevent soil erosion, which can lead to better crops and better water management.