Our Mission

Hopewell Tree Stewards actively promote, maintain and improve the health of city trees and increase public awareness of the value of trees. Volunteering to grow the community awareness of the value of trees through education, planting projects, and providing maintenance and care for trees on streets and in parks. Tree Stewards help guide the Hopewell community members to work together to grow more green space and enlarge the tree canopy of the city.

Our History

The first Hopewell Tree Stewards training classes were held in 2019. Trainings started with the sponsorship of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and a grant with a goal to enlarge the city tree canopy. Planned projects for this grant were aimed towards reducing water runoff Into the Chesapeake Bay and establish and grow the tree canopy. Since 2019, we have completed several plantings and projects in Hopewell's parks and along city streets. We are now a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.